Using the Test Builder

APIC comes with a powerful test builder that lets you build tests from your response.

The Test Builder is available in the response section of the API Runner. To use it make an API call using the API Runner. The response section will scroll into view. Under the Body/Test builder tab select the Build API Tests button present on the top right corner. This would open the Test Builder with your JSON response. Click on any of the keys to continue.

On the selected field in response, you can add a following types of assertions from this screen:

  • Equals

    • To a specific value.

    • To a field in the request body.

    • To a field in request header.

    • To a value stored in an environment variable.

  • Exists

    • Assertion to check if a field should/should not exist in response.

  • Is/Type

    • Assertion to check the type of the value, ie String, Number, Boolean, Array or Object.

  • Constains

    • Assertion to check if the response value contains/doesn't contain a specofic phrase.

  • In

    • Assertion to ckeck if the values in the response in from a specifed list or not.

  • Greater/Lesser

    • Assertion to check if the response value is greater/lesser than (or equals) to a specified value or not

  • Environment

    • Adds script to save current value in environment with a specifed name.

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